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Back pain, Kyphosis, Stand up naturally, “Bear’s Stretching”

(Former amateur video)

“The bear stands up” is an exercise in self-aggrandizement that relaxes and strengthens the abdominal muscles, the shoulders, the spine in static position, and limits kyphosis. It allows a right and comfortable standing and sitting position. The “bear’s stretching” prevents the shoulder sloppiness and back problems. It allows balanced moving, with agility, quickness, fluidity and power.

Back pain: self osteopathic treatment “Lion’s stretching”

(Former amateur video)

“Lion’s stretching” is a perfect exercise to prevent back, thoracic and neck pain. It strengthen and stretch the spine, from coccyx to the skull, via shoulders and neck. It re-learns abdominal breathing through the belly and perineum muscles. Many variations are then possible. A shoulder problem should be treated (by osteopathy) to perform this exercise. The prior release (by an osteopath) of the diaphragm, pelvis and spine facilitate its implementation.

Osteopathic Self-Treatment: Neck Pain

(Former amateur video)

1st release method for Neck pain: Inhibition and adhesiolysis of Trapezius + Omohyod muscles.
2nd: Inhibition and Adhesiolysis of Subclavius + Pectoralis Minor (coracoid process insertion) and Major (clavicular part).
3rd:”Dodge” technique.
4th: Active Cervical Axial Traction with a towel (from Mulligan).
5th: Active Cervical Rotation with a towel (Inspired by Mulligan)