Training sessions

Training in Dynamic Manual Adhesiolysis®:

Learning these techniques, which have been simplified by experience, in a one or two day session, allows you to put them into practice immediately. Osteopaths will be able to improve their effectiveness in pathologies of the limbs. As to their fellow novices in osteopathy and the curious, they will discover a field rich in satisfaction, in which we can be their guide.

The training session will take place in Nimes at the facilities of the Francophone Center for Ultrasound Training (Centre Francophone de Formation en Echographie) in which we are trainers, or in Montpellier (where the stress is on the practice of the manipulations). The assistance of dynamic ultrasound is a pedagogical accessory, which reduces learning time by visualizing the direct action of the applied treatment (see adhesion disappear after adhesiolysis…).

  • The session is on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Cost: 290 euros
  • Trainors: Drs T. Ho-Pun-Cheung +- P. Wagner (physician, osteopath, sonographer teacher)
  • More info and registration:

Customized courses are possible for groups of foreign pairs.

osteopathy training manual adhesiolysis
osteopathy adhesiolysis training

  • Level 1: Technician (understand the objectives and the tools for each peripheral joint).
  • Level 2: Practitioner (diagnose difficult cases: Dynamics [+- electrostimulation] testings, rebalancing).
  • Level 3: Trainer (manage all peripheral joints without imaging).


We will cover:

  • Knee :
    • Attention to dynamic ultrasound and x-rays if necessary
    • Adherences of the quadriceps / femoral biceps / ilio-tibial band
    • Subluxations of the fibular head: anterior-superior, posterior-superior, anterior-inferior, posterior-inferior: especially analyzing the x-ray negatives for confident diagnosis
    • Pathological plica and femoral-patellar capsule traps: medial, lateral, superior, inferior
    • Subluxation of the lateral meniscus

  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome :
    • Diagnostic of adhesion of the median nerve and its adhesiolysis using dynamic ultrasound

  • Rotator Cuff Impigement :
    • Ultrasound Adhesions examples and especially their full Adhesiolysis and initial taping

  • Lateral epicondylitis :
    • Attention to dynamic ultrasound
    • Bracho-radial adhesions, long and short carpal radial extensors, extensor of the fingers and V
    • Adhesion of this superficial layer to the supinator and radial head
    • Anterior subluxation of the radial head (sometimes posterior)
    • Pathological pseudo-meniscus

  • Pubalgia:
    • Adhesion of the Long adductor to the: small and large adductors, Pectineus, Gracilis

  • Painful or unstable ankle :
    • Capsular trapping between talus and malleolus: anterior, lateral, medial
    • Adhesion of the common Long extensor of the toes
    • Fibular malleolus subluxations: anterior, posterior

  • Tendinopathy of the heel:
    • Adhesions of the gastrocnemius, soleus, tibialis posterior, heel insertions on the calcaneus, Plantar Fasciae and Plantar Digitorum Brevis…


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