I. In my experience, the patient who eats healthily healed faster and requires less of Dynamic Manual Adhesiolysis® sessions.
On the contrary, one whose nutrition is bad will quickly redo some adhesions and will have more likelihood of recidivism.
The osteopath is well placed to identify poor eating habits of the patient and advise him to adopt a healthy diet, at least for the time of treatment.
To motivate the patient and make him take action, a knowledge of mental preparation tools helps tremendously.
When time is short, only 24 hours in a day, we can refer a patient to a colleague specialized in diet and mental coaching to take care of these aspects essential for the autonomy of our patients.

II. In 1986, before beginning medicine, I tried a diet rich in raw vegetables, poor in dairy products and gluten. During my thesis with Dr. Jean Seignalet, I understood pathophysiology and influence of poor nutrition on the intestine (leaky gut syndrome), its microbiota and immunity (between-other). What I have been mocked at the time! Fortunately, after 25 years, the curious skeptics in the scientific community have resumed their account these nutritional ideas. The other part – the skeptics with blinders – consider these crazy ideas like a fashion for “bobos” … unless I’m the obtuse skeptical, because I strengthened my beliefs over these thirty years !