Guide others with esteem


Learn how to subtly synchronize your interlocutors:
The rhythmic gestures,
Breathing (the most important because encompasses everything else)
The Voice (flow, volume, pitch, intonation …)

Phase 1: SYMPATHY = mirror synchronization. Lets get in brain resonance with your interviewer.
look at sympathy mirror synchronization
Phase 2: EMPATHY = exact imitation. Used to feel and understand the views of the other.
copy empathy exact imitation
Phase 3: INFLUENCE = Once at tuned, you can guide other, with ethics, towards a posture and a beneficial attitude.

II. Get out of a negative state by technique of break up schema

= Create a neurological Short circuit for the Surprise Effect by your original technique of break up schema.
Elegantly Get out of a stalemate, a sterile pattern or unconstructive position (tension, anger, endless complaints, gossip, apathy …) with your partner or yourself.
Example of surprising attitude: dropping an object and rise abruptly to pick it up, apologizing…
Enjoy the moment of confusion to guide the interlocutor towards the desired state, “Look! By the way …” by changing its blocked posture
To get out of a state of torpor, invent an incongruous break up schema :
by movements and stupid words or funny ….
Following this distraction of attention, you will lead him to the appropriate physiological state, by an Top Level Anchoring, for example …