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Anchoring to be at Top Level

You can program your brain to be in a state of excellence and use 100% of your current capabilities in order to increase your chances of successfully completing a task.
You’ll create a conditioned reflex to put you immediately in the maximum success status to excel in the coming Action.

Schematically, at the the neuro-physiological level, it allows the use of ADRENALINE in case of emergency and DOPAMINE (natural dopant of reward circuit, action’s motor) to put you in an efficient state and being at your best level = enthusiasm, calm and certainty.
anchoring NLP traing
You choose as anchor (or conditioned reflex):
– An energizing gesture (which must be unusual otherwise it’s already anchored to a particular state)
– Associated with a word or an inspiring speech
– And your image of ” Super You “ (dissociated, big, bright and motivating). Then, enter ” into the skin of the feline in you “.
Immerse yourself in a past success moment (work, family, leisure …) by finding the associated images, sounds and sensations. Feel full these emotions by putting you in the same posture, moving and breathing in the same way.
Taste the pleasure associated and amplify the sensations to make them immensely enjoyable.
By the time you will intensely relive this success: make your ANCHOR.
You will relive feel full the same way in two other memories when you were very good.
enthusiasm calm anchor
Whenever you succeed something: reactivate and strengthen your anchor to make it more operational.

Back pain: self osteopathic treatment “Lion’s stretching”

(Former amateur video)

“Lion’s stretching” is a perfect exercise to prevent back, thoracic and neck pain. It strengthen and stretch the spine, from coccyx to the skull, via shoulders and neck. It re-learns abdominal breathing through the belly and perineum muscles. Many variations are then possible. A shoulder problem should be treated (by osteopathy) to perform this exercise. The prior release (by an osteopath) of the diaphragm, pelvis and spine facilitate its implementation.

Ticks attack

My first publications related diseases transmitted by ticks. Indeed, global warming promote proliferation of tick bites which can transmit many diseases (Lyme disease, encephalitis …).
So I decided in 1996, helped by the Army Health Service and the National School of Active Non-Commissioned Officers, to conduct my own investigation.
The Pasteur Institute (C. Pereiz-Eid) analyzed the Ticks collected and the Rickettsia Unit of Marseilles (Didier Raoult) the Serologies.
Accessory: discovery of the first serious Rickettsia Slovaca infection transmitted by the Dermatocentor Marginatus tick in France (world ?)
Problèmes de santé provoqués par les tiques dans la région de Saint-Maixent l’Ecole (Deux Sèvres). Etude sur un groupe de militaires. T. Ho-Pun-Cheung, Lamarque R, Josse C, Perez-Eid I, Martenot G, Auzanneau G., Jalady A.-M., Niel G, Rey J.-L. Médecine et Armées. T.28; 235-240.
Effet protecteur de vêtements imprégnés de perméthrine vis-à-vis de D. Retinaculatus et D. Marginatus dans un biotope ouvert du centre-ouest de la France. T. Ho-Pun-Cheung, D. Lamarque, R. Josse, C. Pereiz-Eid, L .Niel, G. Auzanneau, J.L. Rey. Bulletin Société Pathologies Exotiques. 1999. 92. 5, 337-340.
morsure tique osteopathie

These double-blind placebo-controlled studies were the most important on the subject (+ 600 soldiers).
– Is that repellents used against mosquitoes are effective against ticks;
– In case of bite, you have 24 hours to remove the tick before the first blood meal where it will transmit its microbe;
– That the best way to remove it is simply catching carefully the tick as close to the skin between his nails, and pull gently. All other methods (unscrewing, asphyxiation oil bodies, ether anesthesia, heating …) the stress causing the injection of its potential microbes.

To keep awake exhausted soldiers of the dangers of such a small creature, I had to be short and rude, like:
“I have just seen in consultation a holy fighter, clenched jaws, long muzzle, dark and piercing eyes, like,” I’m not a chick, I’m not there to laugh. “Physically he looked like Vin Diesel and intellectually to the ancestor of Stallone. You’ve already met, but to preserve its identity I will reveal his first name: John R. I was usual he walks with sea urchins under the arms. . More weird is that he seemed to have also between the thighs … sea urchins. With his stentorian voice: “Captain, I have a little problem” and here he drops his briefs. After the shock effect when I thought he had grafted a mammoth penis, I realized it was just bloated. As the smell was unpleasant, I had a nose clip to root a tick sated and smiling into his welcoming mucous, etc… “.
extract tick osteopathy

Osteopathic Self-Treatment: Neck Pain

(Former amateur video)

1st release method for Neck pain: Inhibition and adhesiolysis of Trapezius + Omohyod muscles.
2nd: Inhibition and Adhesiolysis of Subclavius + Pectoralis Minor (coracoid process insertion) and Major (clavicular part).
3rd:”Dodge” technique.
4th: Active Cervical Axial Traction with a towel (from Mulligan).
5th: Active Cervical Rotation with a towel (Inspired by Mulligan)

Dairy products: their harms on health soon undeniable ?

The medical community, the food industry and their clever marketing constantly drive us home: The diet should be rich in dairy products to prevent osteoporosis and improve health, as milk contains skeleton nutrients key, including calcium, phosphorus, and the vitamin D.
Fortunately, a small number of doctors begin to think that these recommendations are received wisdom.
The recent Swedish observational study shakes a little more theses recommendations. The prestigious magazine “The British Medical Journal” recently published the observational study by Uppsala University researchers.
It included more than 150,000 people followed for almost 20 years. They were asked about their consumption of food, including milk, yogurt and cheese.
They found no reduction in fractures risk related to increased milk consumption.
In contrast, women who drank at least three glasses of milk per day had a doubled risk of fracture (femoral neck especially) and a tripled mortality rate. Each extra glass of milk increases mortality by 15% for women and 3% for men.
In addition, milk consumption was associated with biomarkers of oxidant stress (urinary concentration of 8-iso PGF1α) and chronic inflammation (interleukin 6 levels).
The authors criminalize carefully the D-galactose, which would cause oxidative stress and inflammation. Of course, they put on guard against too rapid interpretation of these results.

Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies BMJ 2014; 349 doi:

Obviously, I’m not neutral and objective. Since the age of 15, I decided to stop my intake of dairy products (and then decline, because stopping is too hard). I’m the first physician (the only one?)having my thesis in 1994 on this subject: “Interest of a diet rich in vegetables excluding wheat and dairy products in rheumatoid arthritis” with my late teacher, Dr. Jean Seignalet, perhaps the first physician to have been interested in the subject. Again, I thank the few professors who have agreed to be part of my jury.
Young, I was treated as a crank; later, when I was a doctor, as a quack. As my resistance to criticism was limited and my arguments not understood I quickly stopped talking about this. I am ashamed of my lack of courage. Then others have taken over, often with bad arguments and excess.
I invite you to read J. Seignalet’s book “L’alimentation ou la 3ème médecine” (“Nutrition or the 3rd medecine”), published in 1996 and also the works of his friend, Professor Henri Joyeux (or watch his funny and motivational lectures on the net).

I just found a text that I wrote to my 5 year old daughter, when I was in a mission to the Maroni in French Guiana.
Bright Elise, today I’ll tell you how I discovered that “milk is a sacred cow barn!”.
I was 11 and when pimples acne appeared on my face and shoulder. You know these kinds of whiteheads, blackheads and pus-filled pimples that left my ugly scars.
This is not the flowery aspect that bothered me the most. It was not the affectionate nicknames such as “hey, the mathematicians, you cheat with your front calculator” or the nice phrases like ” Cleans you, you have worms in the skin” No! What I hate is when “they” extracted me buttons. When I say “we,” of course, it’s grandma. It started early. First, smothered with smelly ointments, so slimy that I darn’t move a nostril. That, again, I accepted. Torture is when grandma begged me: “I can’t leave you like that. You must remove these buttons. Though painful screaming, or arguing that it will leave me horrible scars for life. Nothing was stopping her. The sardonic grin, the tip of the tongue caught between his teeth, she only stopped when the handkerchief was covered with pus and blood. There, finally subsided, she could return to his duties.
Later, the girlfriends have taken the baton. Quite, “the” girlfriends, that’s saying a lot, because there was none as I had these buboes. But more confusing was when hiding in the mirror, after casting a furtive glance right and left, I pressed myself on a ripe button. It was one of those delightful little moments that belonged to me. In general, it was at that moment that my mother arose: “Stop! You do it like a pig, I’ll show you”.

In short, I was desperate to get rid of those damn buttons. Healer, hypnotists, naturopaths, grandmother remedies and other magic potions, nothing worked. I board then begin feeding experiments, such as fasting: excellent to lose the weak muscles I had … I once did an apple cure e – remember that I hate fruits and vegetables -. You see how I was motivated. For 10 days, I ate only apples and buttons started to dry. But I stopped one climbing day with Pierre and Alain, because I passed out. It was the first time Alain yelling at me (with the times I forgot to make a knot at the rope end that was too short in a cave well). I promised to stop … eating apples. But I had the intuition that I was on the right track, the food … damn! I’ve got to go. I’ll tell you how I came to my crudity period without milk and gluten, which was a period where all succeeded me. But that’s another story.
knee pain treatmentNote: except his pimples phobia, your granny took very good care of us.