Effective “home” treatment of colds and sinusitis


NASAL IRRIGATION, large volume:
– for 1 liter of LUKEWARM TAP WATER
2 table spoons of COARSE SEA SALT
1 teaspoon of BAKING SODA (food grade)

Irrigation with a syringe > 150 ml per nostril.

Inhale deeply while administering slowly.

The liquid is blown out or discharged through the other nostril (according to head position).

Individual syringe! Rinse and dry after each use.

To be performed in the morning (for calmness during the day) and the evening (for a good night’s sleep).

This treatment is difficult at first, but it is the most effective. It disinfects and eliminates secretions and pus lodged deep within the sinuses, which is often significant.

Moistening of the mucous membranes:
The Mucous membranes (nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, bronchia…) must remain moist.
A dry environment should be moistened (place a container of water on the radiators…).

Inhalation of boiling water:
Boil water, place a towel above your head, and breathe. The hot water vapor releases the sinuses. As an enhancement, essential oils can be added (10 drops of Eucalyptus oil…).