Pack: Ostéopathie du genou: Adhésiolyse Manuelle Dynamique®

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In French (Movie 47 minutes + eBook 68 pages)

Learn quickly and easily an effective manual treatment method for a non-surgical painful knee… that you will not find anywhere else.

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  • Movie (47 min):
    The steps to follow in order to advance quickly:
    1. The Diagnosis (clinical, visual, palpatory… without imaging): Adhesions – capsular trappings – meniscus subluxations – fibular head subluxations (essential and original);
    2. The Manual Treatment by Dynamic Adhesiolysis® and capsular release;
    3. The self-manipulations needed for the patient;
    = for an immediate application.

    – The trailer of the movie in French “Ostéopathie du genou – Adhésiolyse Manuelle Dynamique®”

    – Two free excerpts of the movie in French “Ostéopathie du genou – Adhésiolyse Manuelle Dynamique®”:

    1. Dynamic Manual Adhesiolysis® for adhesions of leg muscles
    2. Releasing synovial snappings and pathologic plicae
  • eBook (68 pages): adhesions – capsular snapping – fibular head and lateral meniscus subluxations / biomechanics, pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, imaging, manual treatment, self-adhesiolysis by patient, rehabilitation… = for understanding.
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